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The Fix - PBCC Writers

About The Fix

Previous Entry The Fix Feb. 26th, 2004 @ 11:53 pm Next Entry
This isn't a very structured poem, but I think it has a nice play on words, and I really enjoyed playing around with the different sounds.

The Fix

Frankie needs a fix
And Freddie needs a fuck
Frannie wants a fix
But for now she’s outta luck

Frankie, who’s fucking Frannie,
Is feeling desperate for a fix
And offers Freddie a chance
To fuck Frannie in exchange for a fix

Freddie, who’s fascinated with fucking,
Agrees to fuck Frannie
In exchange for a fix
For Frankie

Frankie takes his fix
And gets fucked up
But forgets to tell Frannie
That she has to fuck Freddie
In exchange for his fix

When Freddie finds Frannie
He informs her
That he wants his fuck
In exchange for Freddie’s fix

Frannie becomes furious but
Not because of the fuck or the fix

Frannie loves to fuck
And she sure could use a fix
But she’ll be fucked if she’s
Going to fuck Freddie for Frankie’s fix

Frannie feels that if she
Furnishes a fuck for a fix
Then the fix
Should belong to her

Frannie refuses to fuck Freddie
In exchange for Frankie’s fix
And now Freddie’s in a fix
Because he sold the fix
Before he got his fuck

So the next time Freddie finds Frankie
Freddie pulls out a gun
Fires a shot
And fixes Frankie for good

Now Frankie’s fixed
And Freddie still wants a fuck
Frannie’s still without a fix
And everything’s just fucked.
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Date:March 2nd, 2004 06:35 pm (UTC)
Fun, if a bit hardcore language wise. Thank goodness everyone here is ok with this? There is no censorship of course (lord knows it wouldn't sit well with me)

Why doesn't Frannie fuck Freddie for a fix - surely he can score once more. lol
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