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This poem was a draw-off; I wrote it on the first day of my British Lit class when my professor asked for a writing sample from the class (I'd had her before and she knows my writing, so I figured I'd do something creative with the time rather than do the standard blah blah blah). It's loosely based on a recurring dream I've been having ... actually, it's sort of halfway between a dream and an apocalyptic night terror. There's nothing overtly frightening in the dream, other than the bones strewn about and the Golgoth-like quality of the setting, but something about the obelisk stretching up and away into an infinity of sky scares the hell out of me. I wake up from this dream, when I have it, in a cold sweat.

A Monument

The obelisk is facing to the west;
For three nights it has called to me
In dreams. Smooth obsidian,
Black and cold, beckons—
And promises a test.

The earth that sheltered it
Now tossed aside, the broken loam
A testimony. The rich soil sifts
Through these searching fingers.
Look to the sky;

For there is no summit, only a
Sable beam, bridging the gap
Between the surface of this world
And the cerulean. All the rest
To come this far lay scattered.

The carvings on the windward face
Are humming incantations—I do not
Comprehend their arcane song.
So, for me, there is only refuge
In the shadows of the leeward side.

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Date:February 21st, 2004 04:38 pm (UTC)
Hmm it's the infinity that scares you. That's rather neat, because I have dreams that are quasi similar that scare the hell out of me. They tend to feel like a greek hell. Usually I get an infinite task like threading a neverending aluminum can, with nothing besides myself and the can, and the utter blackness of forever.

I really really like the language of this poem, it creates awesome visuals. I see an obelisk similar to that in 2001 A Space Odyssey but black, and sand and nothing else but the infinity, and hear the music of wind and magic.
Date:February 21st, 2004 05:38 pm (UTC)

Re: Trish's Comments on "A Monument"

Yes, yes, and yes again ... the phrase "infinite task" is interesting, because at times in that dream I'll be walking, you know, taking steps, but not actually moving, just sort of walking in place. Strangely similar.

I'm glad you like the language, that it inspired visions; it seems to ring in a way that appeals to me. "The music of wind and magic ... " Yes. I like that.
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